Given the changes of Faucethub, we have news and new updates.

Nov 25, 2019, by Cloud Crypto Ads


- The minimum withdrawal within with faucethub wallet is lowered to 100 satoshis. for the next 4 days (starting today 11/25/2019) .to give users the opportunity to withdraw their balance.

- After these 4 days, the withdrawal wallet for faucethub will be removed within And support for withdrawals (faucethub) will no longer be offered.

- On 11/30/2019 the new withdrawal wallet will be activated that will work with Expresscrypto and the withdrawal minimum will be updated again to 500 satoshis.

- Payments that are pending ( Payments ) for security. They are not being paid as they can be the result of bot uses. or a malicious practice is being used.

- If you have any doubts, please send a message to our contact email: [email protected]


Nov 25, 2019, by Cloud Crypto Ads



  • Added click requirement to be able to earn reference click.


  • Improved advertise system.


  • Fixed issue in payments page.


  • Fixed issue in refusing direct payments.


  • Added ChangeNOW as altcoin payment method.



  • Updated page redirections.


  • Updated site notifications.


  • Updated surf page (now unlogged users are able to view surf page).


  • Updated surf system (increased surf title from 25 chars to 75 chars).


  • New function against "ad blockers".


  • Minimum for withdrawals 500 satoshis.


  • Solution | advertise | Now you can create cheaper ads !!.


  • Error solution | see Ads | counter at zero (0).


  • Corrected problem of redirection. If you do not correctly visualize the ads please erase - Cookies - from your browser and ctualise your page.


  • Launch Cloud Crypto Ads beta version.

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